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From logo creation to roll-out of your brand identity, create a strong, consistent and professional impression for your product or service with a fully realised visual language.

Many years of experience designing for some of the world's biggest brands including: McDonald's, Weetabix and Coca-Cola has given me great insight into the importance of having a distinct brand; identity, personality and presence. As well as developing the brand engagement of these household names I have also worked with many growing businesses to create comprehensive brand identities and have provided the tools required to ensure the successful roll-out of their brand across all touch-points.



Whether you are making the move from 'mom and pop' to shop, or independent to national retailer, ensure that your in-store presence engages your target customers as well as fulfilling the practical needs of retailers. 

With extensive knowledge and experience, as both a designer and consultant in the sector of shopper marketing, and with an insight into the challenges faced by brands, shoppers and retailers in this competitive environment, I can ensure that your brand or product has great presence in-store and on-shelf through packaging design, retail touch-points or in-store displays.


Elevate your reports, presentations and documents with professional layout design. Clean page designs, supporting infographics and easy to digest text makes for an easier read and a more engaging presentation.

Having designed, presentations, style guides, toolkits and reports for a variety of clients including UNESCO and the UNEP as well as fashion and household brands I can turn your document from drab to fab!


Engage with your customers, reach new audiences and deliver your message with personality, clarity and strength.

Graphic design at its core, is the practice of visual communication. Supported by easy to read layouts, evocative imagery and engaging graphics, ensure your message is well delivered and received. I'm able to design material to help you spread your message, be that online, on social media or as printed material.


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With an interest in the psychology of marketing and advertising, and an aptitude for the visual arts, I was naturally drawn to a career in design and marketing from a young age. In 2007 I graduated from the well-respected University College Falmouth in the UK, where I gained my degree in Graphic Design. I quickly made the move from Cornwall to London, where I moved through the ranks from Junior to Senior Creative Designer in various London studios (as well as 1 year working in Sydney, Australia). My career has exposed me to a variety of design and marketing agencies, from keen outfits - providing full brand and marketing solutions for start-ups - to larger, multinational agencies, where I’ve created for some of the world’s biggest companies including Coca-Cola, Diageo and McDonald’s.


With a restless curiosity for the what, why, where and who questions behind the briefs I’d receive, I found myself learning about the challenges of brands, retailers and consumers. This critical, problem-solving approach has informed my design process and better rounded my abilities.


Now living in France, I work as an independent creative service, providing design and marketing solutions to businesses seeking a creative studio approach to their design challenges. What I can offer is the dedication of an in-house designer with the knowledge, experience and creative process gained from agency work - an attractive proposition that’s earned me the trust of organisations such as UNESCO.


The work on this site is a snapshot of some of the projects that I have produced as an independent designer. If you’d like to see more of the work I have done throughout my career, please feel free to visit my personal professional portfolio, or to view my work history please go to my LinkedIn profile. To get a better sense of me as an individual, let’s have a chat, or you can follow me on Instagram, where I share not only my professional work, but also my explorations, observations and inspirations from the perspective of a creative Brit living in France.


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